Category: Pocket Money

Client: Pocket Money

Date: 2016, 01, 05

Tags: Mobile APP, Mobile Money, Pocket Money, USSD, Web Based

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What is POCKET Money?

POCKET Money is a Mobile Platform Access (MPA) – USSD based application that eliminates ‘boarders’ between Telecom companies to enable its clients to conveniently buy airtime, send and receive money across all networks in Uganda. Imagine you have MTN Mobile money, but you want to buy Airtel airtime on your other phone, or you want to withdraw Airtel money but the vendor only has MTN “Float”

POCKET Money gives you easy access across all networks and is a Product of INFOSIS Business Solutions Limited.

Benefits and Features

Key Features Summary;

Our users can;
• Buy airtime for any registered phone number on any network using a mobile money account of any given network.
• Send Money to any registered phone number using a mobile money account of any given network.
• Withdraw your mobile money cash from any mobile money agent, even the ones with float on other networks.
• Bill payments using their mobile phones.

POCKET Money is as convenient as a Mobile Phone, as fast as a mobile money transaction and as secure as a bank.