Unit4 Business World

At a glance Unit4 Financials Business World Edition (formerly Agresso Financials) is a top-tier, global accounting system. As a core solution in the Unit4 Business World (formerly Agresso) ERP suite, it places effective financial management at the heart of your business systems and processes, delivering a fully integrated range of functions, including: General Ledger Accounts […]

Unit4 Audit & Control

A best-in-class solution for full visibility and management of recurring finance, control and audit processes. At a glance Unit4 Audit & Control (formerly Auditor) provides the control framework for accountancy firms and enterprises to plan, monitor and audit periodic processes and projects. Quick to implement, easy to use and fully featured. Offering the potential to […]

INFOSIS Account Analysis

Straightforward audit tools for fast, simple, cost-effective financial auditing and management information. At A Glance – INFOSIS Account Analysis (formerly Account Analyser) is a powerful but straightforward solution for financial data analysis that delivers great results, without needing specialized technical knowledge. Offering major efficiency gains in assurance (as much as 20%) by replacing internal control testing […]

Unit4 Business World

We live in the era of the Digital Revolution. Business models are transforming, customer expectations are surging, and the way we operate and compete is turning upside down. Ambitious service-centric organizations need an Enterprise Resource Planning backbone built to capitalize on new opportunities. People drive these organizations and they need solutions that help them excel. […]

People Platform

Working Smarter – The INFOSIS People Platform offers a whole new level of capabilities designed around the needs of people, enabling you to harness the latest advances in key technologies (such as social, mobile, predictive analytics, cloud and big data). It provides benefits to key INFOSIS products, making them intuitive and insightful to use, easy to change and flexible […]

Built for change

Today’s people-centric organizations face a more complex and dynamic environment than ever before. New competitors, rising customer expectations. When your organization is adapting to constant changes in the market, technology and talent, you need to make your own rules to succeed. Service and government organizations need people-centric enterprise solutions that provide the tools to communicate, […]

Cloud Your Way

People are at the heart of service organizations and government agencies. INFOSIS  has been built from the ground up to reflect the business realities of people-centric organizations without limitations. The INFOSIS people-driven approach is evident; in our flexible, adaptable applications that grow and evolve with your people. in our social and mobile capabilities that keep them connected wherever […]